Maxroute Networking Innovation (A Gateway of Technology)
Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a OEM of IP-based networking products and solutions for corporate and enterprises market. After 14 years of field experience in IP Based Networking Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. developed innovative product line which is branded as Maxroutes

To keep maxroute product line elite and specialized, we decided earlier to suggest, install and commission it in project base enterprise solutions only. Maxroute product line is industry-reliable state of art networking products and solutions to fulfill user needs with the most complete range of product offerings and superior cost-benefit performance.

With a strong mission to be provider of IP Innovation in the Enterprise market, Sanghvi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. designs, deploys and delivers innovative Maxroute Product line for active and passive networking technologies to achieve the goal of continually developing innovations. Our leased Line powers your business with high-speed and redundant Internet connectivity. With our network management tools, we can help you carry out proactive monitoring of leased circuits and track bandwidth performance so you can ensure efficiency and availability of your business critical applications.

Maxroute product line contains following state of art products.
  • Enterprise Network Switches
  • Enterprise POE Switches
  • Enterprise Class Firewall
  • Enterprise Class load balancer
  • Enterprise class routers
  • Passive Networking Components
  • Network Management System
  • Voip Products (coming soon)
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